Let’s clear up yesterday. Our sound was horrible. I could never regain my audio and had to leave show. We keep hearing “the sound is garbled”, “the sound is low” and most of all “I can’t hear anything.”

Looking back this site and podcast are not ready to be up.

I feel I am cheating my diners and myself.   SOOOO…for the next two or three days I will be taking off and organizing.  I feel like the blog can put me in blog mix and the podcast will be popular.

Please don’t put any other thoughts to the move on this time off. Everything will be addressed and accessed. Quite frankly, I am embarrassed at the quality of video. The next few days will be dedicated to cleaning site, fixing audio and visual issues and contracts with new clients.

My arrogance got the best of me and I opened too soon. It’s been a constant battle. This site and podcast sucks. But I’m gonna fix it!!!

Give me until Friday then be prepared to rock.