My fellow Americans (and selected guilties),

It is with great pride and anticipation that I launch Greggo’s Gigantic Blog and
Cafe. It’s an idea I’ve had for some time now. But while on radio, I didn’t want
to tip my hand juggling two media outlets. Those who do that are fools, and
often times rip off their readers or listeners. So I stayed away from blogging,
and especially podcasts. Well, now is the time. A perfect moment since I had my
ass fired anyway. Don’t worry bout that.


This blog will be smart, cutting edge, innovative, provocative and most of all
honest. You might not like what I say or write, but you can bet it’s the truth.
Unvarnished. The painful truth. No one to censor me. No one to edit me. It’s
from me to the blog. No middle men – bring it the fuck on.



This will be simple. I see us being very interactive. Gone are the days of talk
radio where the listener is involved. Direct contact via phone calls are
antiquated. With social media of today, everything is instantaneous. I will read
all entries and comments. I will respond to all…if.. IF you follow our rules.


As in:


-no generic opinions without resolution. In other words you can correspond like
this…”your blog sucks”! That message will be deleted. You will have to include
“why” it sucks and what YOU would do to make it better. No lazy and snipping


-no knee-jerking. That’s for me. Allow me to hang myself. I want to keep the
Cafe diners healthy and safe…(BTW… all visitors to Greggo’s Gigantic Blog and
Cafe will from now forward be known as the “Cafe Clan” or “Cafe Diners”, whichever
catches on first)


-You might read or hear some cussing. I make no apologies. Cussing is a part of
life ( although my mom would argue that ideal). Sometimes cussing  helps drive
home a point in colorful prose. I always felt constricted on radio cuz of
cussing mandates. I will also allow cussing from the Clan. Just make it clean
cussing. Lets try and stray away from cunt, that’s such a dirty word. No use of
the N word. I don’t use it, you shouldn’t either. Except for the black man. Just
like mainstream society, the black man gets an exemption.


-everything is inbounds. No topic out. We will tackle any controversial subject.
My thoughts will be well defined as time passes. I just dig it when someone
CHANGES my mind on a topic. Good luck, I’m very well dug in.


That’s about it. I’m not much on petty rules. My life and past will continue to
be an open book. Nothing off limits. Bring it the fuck on!!!



Your friend in Blogland,